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Holy Orders

By Baptism, all of the faithful share in the priesthood of Jesus Christ. This means we are all called to be ministers of the Gospel in the world. Based on this common priesthood of the faithful, some are called to particular ministries of leadership and service - orders - within the Church. 

There are three "degrees" of Holy Orders: bishops (the episcopacy), priests (the presbyterate) and deacons (the diaconate).  


  • Bishops are ordained to a ministry focused on teaching the faith and serving as the leader and chief pastor of a local Church (diocese).
  • Priests assist bishops in their ministry by serving as pastoral leaders in parish communities. With their bishop they bear responsibility for the pastoral leadership of the local Church.
  • Deacons are ordained to a ministry of service and justice under the pastoral leadership of their bishop.
“What will you do with your life? What are your plans?
Have you ever thought of committing your existence totally to Christ?
Do you think that there can be anything greater
than to bring Jesus to people and people to Jesus?”
- Pope John Paul II

If you feel you might be discerning a religious vocation, we invite you to contact any of our clergy members for some conversation. Both Fr. Wilson and Fr. Mike can be reached at (952) 469-4481, as well as Deacon Alan Nicklaus and Deacon Jim Marschall.