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Young Adults

All Saints Young Adults (21-35ish) 

All Saints is grateful you are here and excited for the chance to help you connect more with your faith and our community. If you are interested to learning about ways you can connect with other young adults in our community email us at [email protected]
Other Networking Options
  • Small Groups at All Saints and locally - Click here to learn more

  • Cathedral Young Adults (

    CYA does a number of religious, social, and volunteer activities throughout the year but the anchor event is their sports night every Friday evening. Most events start and/or end with a prayer and often there is an optional post-event meal at a local restaurant. During the summer, sports night is at Rahn Park in Eagan. Communications are done via their Facebook page.

  • Catholic Softball Group ( (

    CSG is a Catholic non-profit that grew out of a church in White Bear Lake. They host a variety of sports leagues and exhibition events throughout the year (softball in the summer and volleyball in the winter). It is mostly young adults, but there are a few older people in the group too. This group is great for meeting new people especially if you play on one of the teams. There is a small fee to join a team. This group has over 1000 registered members.  After the games many people go out to eat. Communication is done on their official website, Facebook, and sometimes via email.

If you are interested in Young Adult Ministry at All Saints please contact Young Adult leadership [email protected] or staff liason Chris Kuhn [email protected]