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Marriage Preparation

Catholic Marriage

Christian Marriage is distinct from secular marriage from the start. Our secular understanding of marriage begins with the relationship of the two individuals. In Christian marriage, we begin with God’s love for each of us and desire for our good! The inner life of God reflects to us a relationship and that we are made for deep unity and love. Thank you for responding to God’s call and invitation to holy matrimony and the joy and blessings it brings to the world!

Requesting Marriage

All Saints invites couples who wish to marry at All Saints to embrace a life of faith and encourages couples to participate in parish life, particularly presence at Sunday Mass. We know each couple is different and we are excited you are choosing marriage! Please click below for additional information.

Preparing for Marriage

Preparation for Marriage at All Saints involves a weekend retreat, as well as a pre-marriage inventory, conversations with a trained marriage mentor couple, and dialogue with clergy. Please click below for additional information.