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Marriage Prep

Catholic Marriage
Christian Marriage distinct from secular marriage from the start. Our secular understanding of marriage begins with the relationship of the two individuals. In Christian marriage we begin with God. As Christians, we believe that a man and a woman can accept each other in obedience, fidelity, and love, only because God has already unconditionally accepted them and loves them. We are only able to enter into binding human relationships because God has entered into a covenant relationship with us. In accepting this prior bond with God, a married couple accepts and welcomes the God covenant into their marriage covenant.

Our Catholic traditions and doctrines affirm that this covenant is at the essence of the Sacrament of marriage. Marriage is a sign of Christ. The relationship between husbands and wives is more than a symbol of the love of God. These relationships are the revelation of the love of God made incarnate in Jesus Christ. By definition as Sacrament, marriage participates in the sanctifying service of Christ. Marriage is intended to serve and glorify God. Marriage is the sign of God’s Covenant with God’s people, the church. The marriage relationship as Sacrament is a public witness of the whole communities’ fidelity, obedience, and love of God. The whole of married life is the sign of our covenant with God.

The vows exchanged at the Wedding liturgy take on new meaning if we embrace the covenant. The promises are not exchanged by the couple alone, but by God and God’s people through the couple. This is to what we consent in marriage, not only to bind our life to another, but to be the mediator that binds all to God through Christ.

All the activities of married life reflect this covenant. The Church then has an obligation to assist couples in preparing to live out the covenant, and to host wedding liturgies that speak to the sacredness of the commitment being made.

Requesting Marriage

All Saints invites couples who wish to marry at All Saints to embrace a life of faith and encourages couples to participate in parish life, particularly presence at Sunday Mass. The process for requesting to be married at All Saints begins by calling the parish office (952-469-4481) to make an appointment with a priest to discuss your marriage plans at least 9-12 months in advance of a wedding date. Please click the link above for additional information.

Preparing for Marriage

Preparation for Marriage at All Saints involves a weekend retreat, as well as a pre-marriage inventory, conversations with a trained marriage mentor couple, and dialogue with clergy. Please click the above link for additional information.

Guidelines & Policies for Marriage and Marriage Preparation

Click on the links below for a copy of our latest guidelines and policies.
Marriage / Wedding Questions
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