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All Saints Nursery

All Saints Catholic Church is pleased to offer childcare for our Saturday 5pm, Sunday 9am and 11am Masses and some of our other parish programs including:

  • Bible Study
  • PAC, Preschool Advisory Committee Meetings
  • Sacrament Meetings
  • Adult Education Classes
  • Preschool Activity Days
  • School Conferences/Parent Information Nights
  • Synod Groups
  • School Mass – click to pre-register

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Care is available for children ages one to five years.


Infants under one year of age may not attend the nursery for liability reasons.


The number of children we can accommodate depends on our staff-to-child ratio. We ask you to contact the nursery in advance when using the nursery for parish events other than mass so that the nursery is adequately staffed to provide care.


Our staff consists of childcare professionals with CPR, first aid training, and background checks. Be assured your children will be safe while in our care.

Childcare is provided for children 12 months of age and older with a suggested donation as follows: $3.00/per child with a maximum of $7.00/family.

Childcare for the following are provided at no charge to parents:

  • Faith Formation discipleship leaders for training and class dates
  • VIRTUS training
  • School/Office Volunteers
  • Commission Meetings
  • RCIA
  • Summer Stretch Volunteers
  • VBS Volunteers
  • Choir members
We look forward to working with you and your children. It is our hope that the childcare program will enrich your experience at All Saints Church.

Questions or concerns may be made by e-mailing [email protected] or by calling Toni at 952.985.6936.