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Sacrament Prep FAQs

Will my child prepare for Sacraments in the classroom? 
All Saints Parish recognizes and supports the primary role of the family in a person's preparation for Sacraments. All Saints’ role is to partner with families in the preparation. Classrooms (both Faith Formation & Catholic School) will teach curriculum that reinforces and supports what is being taught in the sacrament programs, but will not completely prepare your child(ren) for the Sacrament. 
What age is suggested for the reception of the Sacraments? 
  • Children must be second grade or older to prepare for Reconciliation & Eucharist. Most children prepare in 2nd or 3rd grade. There is a separate program for older children.
  • Confirmation is celebrated with students 10th grade and older.Preparation begins with faith formation in 9th grade and immediate preparation in 10th grade. The program can accommodate juniors and seniors wishing to prepare.

I have child/teen with special needs; can they prepare for and receive the Sacraments?
In most cases All Saints is able to work individually with each family to create a personal plan for children/teens with special needs to prepare and celebrate the Sacraments of Reconciliation, Eucharist, or Confirmation. Contact Karl Horwath at [email protected] or 952-469-6564 to create an individualized plan for your child.
Why do we pay a separate fee for Sacraments? 
The programs are independent of the other formation programs and incur expenses for material, curriculum, and events that cannot be absorbed into those formation budgets.