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Stewardship 2024

God created us out of His generosity. His abounding love, His glorious riches, and His tender mercy have been given to each of us. Then, He sent us His only Son! God’s gift of Himself through Christ represents the ultimate form of generosity. 
Gifts of Self - Through Service
Using our talents to benefit others
~ Volunteering - Become a Mission Partner
~ Work and School
Gifts of Self - Through Time
Focusing on God and other people in our lives
~ Time with God in prayer and at Mass
~ Time with others
Gifts of Self - Through Things
Giving things to others is both needed and valued
~ Tangible items
~ Money
Take time to reflect prayerfully on God’s generosity toward you, on the quality of your own life of gratitude, and on what you are doing and can do to further God’s kingdom
by your own giving patterns in the coming year.
Use our Giving Guide Worksheet to assist with your planning.
Then complete the “Gift of Self” Interest and Financial Pledge form
by the weekend of November 18/19.