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Justice and Service ministries provide opportunities for us to be of service to those in our community and world who are in greatest need and to work to correct the causes of such need through education and action. Such work is a direct response to the Gospel message to love and serve as Jesus did.
  • Are you concerned about social justice?
  • Is there a social issue that you would like to get involved in or learn about?
  • What does Catholic Social Teaching say about issues such as affordable housing, healthcare, abortion, poverty, immigration, war, etc?
There are many opportunities to join with others in the good work of service and furthering justice. Bring life to your faith and faith to your life. Get in touch to find out more. Learn more about focus groups on Social Justice
Thursday is a weekly day of prayer for life
Abortion, assisted suicide, and human trafficking are among many threats to the dignity of the human person. Every Thursday, we invite parishioners to unite in prayer for the protection of human life, from conception to natural death. Pray in any way you choose - offer your daily Mass, Rosary, or all your day’s joys and sorrows with the intention of greater respect for all human life.
Each of us is willed. Each of us is loved. Each of us is necessary. ~ Pope Benedict XVI  
Additional prayer intentions:
Every person is a unique gift. Pray for the protection of all life, especially the most vulnerable among us.
There are many threats against the dignity of the human person. Pray for the protection of all vulnerable people, especially the unborn, victims of trafficking, and victims of conflict around the world.
We pray for victims of human trafficking, women in danger of abortion, and anyone suffering abuse to find relief, safety, and justice.
Pray for the safety and justice of all those affected by sins against the dignity of the human person.
Set aside time to pray that the dignity of every person is upheld. Each person is unique and unrepeatable. We pray for peace in the womb, in war-torn nations, and in our own families.