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Mission Partners

At All Saints we typically refer to those engaged in parish service
as Mission Partners rather than volunteers.
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Why? Because we believe we are all partners in Christ’s mission ~
Sacrificing, Sharing, and Serving each other in love and faith.
Back in January of 2017, Father Wilson introduced the idea of Mission Partners and asked us to abandon the term "volunteer." Volunteers are needed people who need to be acknowledged for their generosity. The help make community and service groups grow.
The reason for the update is more than semantics. Volunteer implies free labor, helping out to get a job, or set of tasks completed.

Mission Partners are not free labor, but people who give of themselves in a church and parish setting doing more than getting a task done. They are participating in the Mission of the Church, which is to bring people to Jesus Christ. When we give of ourselves to the Church, and All Saints in particular, we are embracing our own call to The Mission, not providing the community with free labor. We are an active part of the world's most important mission, introducing Jesus and helping to form and advance discipleship.
It is Father Wilson's hope that the change in language helps us as a community reorient ourselves to our mission of bringing Jesus to people. We are a community of Disciples on a mission to bring Jesus into a desperate world. No matter what our role in the parish is, we are all partners in that mission.
Thank you for partnering with our Parish in this incredible mission of Leading People to Christ.
  • The Welcome/Security Desk needs your help. We are looking for Mission Partners to greet our parishioners and guests by offering a smile, making a connection, providing information and security, while encouraging community.  The shifts are Mondays thru Thursdays 4pm-8pm and starting in January Sundays shifts 8:30am -12:30pm will be added at the desk .  There is currently a need for Mondays & Thursdays night especially. If interested, please contact Molly Zimmer at [email protected] or 763-742-3698.
  • Funeral Dinner Ministry 
  • Eucharistic Caregiver to homebound and care centers
  • Greeters for all Mass times, especially Saturdays at 5:00pm and Sundays at 11:00am
  • Live Streamers

    Mission partners are needed to livestream Sunday Masses, funerals, weddings, and other events in the parish.  Training is provided, and you will shadow a staff member until you are comfortable running the cameras on your own.  Ideally, each mission partner will live stream the 9am Sunday Mass once per month.  Funerals occur at 11am on weekdays, and weddings are typically at 2pm on Saturdays.

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Virtus Information for those Mission Partners working with children and vulnerable adults