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Sacramental Records

Sacramental records are important to an individual’s identity both in the Church and in society. The information contained in the records is the property of the individual who received the sacrament and the parish. It is necessary today to protect this information from the potential for fraudulent use, so All Saints has adopted the following guidelines for the release of Sacramental information.

  • Requests for verification of Sacraments must be received in writing, using the “Sacrament Certificate Request” form below. The form must be completed in its entirety, signed and submitted via 1st class mail or in person at the parish office. We cannot accept faxed or e-mailed requests at this time.
  • Catholic Priests/parish staff members may contact the parish office by phone (952-469-4481).
  • Sacramental certificates verifying the reception of Baptism and Confirmation can only be released to the following persons:
    • The individual who received the Sacrament (age 16 and older).
    • A parent named in the record of a child under 18.
    • The legal guardian of a child under 18 providing proof of guardianship.
    • The spouse or executor of a deceased person providing proof of death.
    • Catholic clergy or his delegate.
The certificate will be prepared and mailed within seven days to any of the above, or can be picked up at the parish office by any of the above, or a person delegated by the requestor (must show ID when arriving).