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Office Hours/After Hours

Main Church (952) 469-4481
(Includes Recorded/After Hours/Emergency Information)

Parish FAX  (952) 469-5752

Office hours are 8-4, Monday-Friday until the week of 9/20.

Sunday  8:30 am - 12:30 pm

Saturday, Closed

We Are Here For You - 24/7

If you have an Emergency Due to privacy laws, hospitals do not automatically call the parish in an emergency or hospitalization.

If you or a loved one wishes to see a priest or inform the church, please call the church office and ask for the Office of Pastoral Care.

How Can We Be of Help?

Information Central (952) 469-4481
Angela Barry, Deb Donnelly, Patricia Kelly, Toni Zitek


Parish Administrative Assistant (952) 469-4331
Eileen Legros -

Facilities Coordinator & Scheduler (952) 469-6461
Katheryn Fideler -


Ministry Program Assistant (952) 469-6460
Kim Thoraldson -


Sunday Bulletin (952) 469-9479
Lynn Hamel -


Communications  (952) 469-6478
Deb Janssen -