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At All Saints, there are literally hundreds of ways for you and your family to consider fruitful service. Through Baptism, every person regardless of age is called to service.
All Saints invites you to join with other parish members in responding to our baptismal promises and Lead people to Christ through Liturgy, Learning, Sacraments, and Service.
There are so many ways to serve!
We don’t have to do everything in order to do something. Just start where you are and do what you can. Make a phone call to our new parishioners. Buy extra groceries for our monthly food collection. Prepare care packages for children battling severe illness. Participate in a local yard cleanup. Join the parish prayer chain. Greet parents and children at First Eucharist activity day.
There is so much need in our community – and so much we can all do together!
Editing a current gift is not possible. Please add a new gift, then go to PROFILE and delete the old gift. If you wish to donate to more than one fund, please make your first donation and then select “See all” under “Explore More Ways To Give” to find any other funds you wish to donate to.  Once you have selected all the funds, please “Continue to payment.”
~Thank you!