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Women of All Saints

 Join us in the Sanctuary at All Saints Church

Saturday, November 7, 2020

1:30-3:00 PM

or watch online




Stephanie Landsem, biblical fiction writer, will join the women of All Saints for a discussion of her book The Well and her career as a biblical fiction writer.


Stephanie will join us to discuss her writing process and answer questions that we have about the book. She recently shared the following comment with us to encourage reading the book:


“There are a couple of reasons I think reading biblical fiction is enlightening and helpful to our faith journey:

Fiction based on biblical events can open scripture to us in a new way, capturing our imaginations and putting us into the minds and hearts of those who met and walked with Jesus. Many of my readers have told me that by engaging their emotions, they could feel closer to Jesus and ‘live’ in the story, much like we are encouraged to do with Ignatian meditations on the scriptures. And, as a final reason, I’ve found that fiction can be a great evangelization tool for people who may resist reading non-fiction but would be happy to read a novel.”


To participate in this event:

  • Begin by purchasing the book. It is available at HOLY CROSS Bookstore in Lakeville, on Amazon or borrow it from the local library.    
  • As you read, write down questions you have for Stephanie.
  • Ask other women of All Saints to join you in reading the book.
  • Register for the in-person or the online option. REGISTER HERE
  • Seating is limited. Social distancing and face coverings are required.


The discussion will also be streamed online through the All Saints Catholic Church Lakeville YouTube channel to allow those who do not wish to meet in person to hear Stephanie’s presentation and join in the discussion.


If you have any questions about the event, email Nadine


We look forward to joining in a safe way for fellowship and

to share the experience of reading a common text.



The inspiration for Women of All Saints comes from a desire to engage more women of the parish into a community of fellowship. Additional opportunities will be presented this year to which women will be invited to enjoy time together while deepening their awareness of God in their lives and the lives of others.

The hope is to become a vehicle in which women can share and express what they are looking for on their faith journeys through connecting and enhancing communications between existing women’s ministries and participants. “There are so many wonderful women’s groups at All Saints, and we thought that by them collaboratively working together, more opportunities could be provided for women to share in the joy, encouragement and hope of Christ.”

An umbrella was chosen as the logo to be a reminder of the protection we have in Christ Jesus. The fabric was inspired by a section of stained glass in the St. Francis window in the Gathering Space of the church, complete with raindrops! “We are all walking in the reign of Jesus as is depicted by the wording, the cross and ‘J’ of the handle.” 

To join our email list, send a message to 
The Women of All Saints are looking for more Mission Partners
to assist with the planning of future events. 
There are many ways to be involved!
Please contact Kim Thoraldson or Rose Gagnon
to volunteer your time
with this wonderful group of faith-filled women.