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Rosary Guild

All Saints Parish Rosary Guild was started on September 12, 2006, with 4 people learning how to make chain rosaries plus 2 of us that knew how. It has grown a little since then. We now have 24 members, as a few have come and gone.


Our Purpose:
To prayerfully make chain rosaries for All Saints First Communicants, Confirmation students, RCIA candidates; Chastity rosaries; and cord rosaries for the missions.

Meeting Time:
No regular meetings. We work through the Knights of Columbus Ladies Auxiliary and do not hold meetings or get-togethers to make rosaries.

Our Supplies:

Supplies are ordered and organized by one person, and each of us makes rosaries at our own pace, in our own time. Supplies can be picked up at K of C Auxiliary meetings, in the church office, or however you wish to make contact.

Our Funding:
We are funded by the Knights of Columbus and the Catholic United Financial Society. However, if anyone would like to contribute to the funding, any donations would be gratefully accepted. (Make payable to All Saints)

We are always looking for new members, and we are willing to teach you how to make either the chain rosaries, cord rosaries, or both.


Contact: Joyce Northwick  | 651.423.1506 |

This past year we made:

  • 164 chain rosaries for First Communion students
  • 170 chain rosaries for Confirmation students
  • 16 chain rosaries for RCIA candidates
  • 500 cord rosaries that were used by children at the Cathedral of Saint Paul when (2000) children said 5 decades of the rosary on the Children's Day of Prayer, October 2014, for The Year of Faith. Children from all Catholic Schools in the Archdiocese were invited to attend.
We have made and sent:
  • 300 cord rosaries along with the group that went to Dominica, in the West Indies
  • 150 cord rosaries along with the students that went on the Mexico NPH Mission trip
  • 250 cord rosaries sent to Sr. Visitacion in Iloilo City Philippines
  • 250 cord rosaries sent to Sr. M. Judity in Baybay City, Philippines
  • 250 cord rosaries sent to America Needs Fatima which were given to Sr. Mary Felice to take to the Congo with her on July 18th. 


Cord Rosaries for Dominica


Cord Rosaries for the Archdiocesan Children’s Rosary Pilgrimage


Cord Rosaries sent on Mission Trips.


Chain Rosaries made for All Saints Confirmation Students


Chain Rosaries made for All Saints 1st Communion Students


Chain Rosaries made for RCIA Participants