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We are so grateful you took the time to check out this page!
Connect is's about connecting people who are seeking that next step or trying to figure out what that next step might be.
Whether you are returning to the Church, new to the Church, or never left the Church you are made for connection and we want to simply "walk with you" and support you in figuring out where God might be calling you.
All Saints is a big place and it's easy to feel disconnected and lost so let us help you. We might not have all the answers or the next best step, but we will take that step with you!

Do you have questions, concerns, prayer needs, or a story to share? Then connect with us, and let’s talk about it!

How to Connect?
This ministry meets on Tuesday evenings, June through August; then again for six weeks following Christmas and Easter.
Connect One-on-One: Meet with someone from the parish for a casual conversation about where you are and where you might want to go. You can contact Connect with questions or to meet with someone.