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Becoming a Catechist

Catechists & Small Group Leaders

Parents are the first and most important educators of their children. Adults who are willing to share their love, support, and faith as catechists and Discipleship Team Leaders also influential the hearts of children.

We are grateful to those who share the gifts of time, skills, and faith our parish programs. We invite each of you, whether you have children in the program or not, to consider making this commitment to your Church, and to our children.


Full-year volunteer Catechists and Team Leaders will receive credit equal to one FEP student’s tuition. This will be applied upon completion of the background check and VIRTUS training.


Catechists must be in place by October 1 to receive this credit.

Past Catechists who attended Virtus and had a background check prior to 2009 will need to be rechecked and update their Virtus.


Information regarding this will be sent to you.  

Other volunteer opportunities are also available. Some include partial credit. Check the FEP volunteer form for more information.

Virtus Training
The Archdiocese has implemented a safe environment program called “Protecting God’s Children.” Volunteers working with children in our school and FEP programs are asked to participate in a training that will help provide children and youth with safe environments, especially in our parish.

All catechists and volunteers working with children are required to attend VIRTUS training prior to the beginning of their ministry this year.

Registration for Virtus must be done online.

1.Go to >
2.Click on the “Registration” link in left-hand column
3.Select “Saint Paul and Minneapolis (Archdiocese)” from the drop-down box.
4.Participants will create their own “User ID” and “Password.”
Follow the screen prompts to continue the online registration.
If you do not have access to online registration, please call Eileen at the FEP office (952) 469-6461 and she will assist you in completing the registration.

All parishioners who plan to work with summer programing for youth or volunteer in classrooms during the school year must complete their VIRTUS training.

Visit to register. Contact Katheryn Fideler at 952.469.6461 with questions.