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Mass Times & Confession

effective Oct 3/4


Liturgy changes now in effect at All Saints >>

  • 7:00am Sunday Mass has gone back to the original time of 7:30am

  • You will notice expanded seating in the church, up to 78 households or 250 people, whichever is less, while still allowing us to respect 6’ distance between each household.

  • Registration is no longer required for the Sunday 5:30pm Mass, as the Church does not reach capacity. Registration is still required for the Saturday 5pm, Sunday 7:30am, 9am and 11am Masses.

  • At the 9am and 11:00am Masses, households of 1-2 people will be directed to a specific section in the church to allow more spaces for the families that attend these Masses.

  • The Sign of Peace may be exchanged from a distance and you will notice more singing.

  • You can still attend Mass in the Parking Lot for all Masses and receive Communion at the canopy door afterwards.

Monday, October 19 at 7:30am
Tuesday, October 20  at 7:30am and 6:30pm

Wednesday, October 21 at 7:30am
Thursday, October 22 at 7:30am

Friday, October 23 at 7:30am

Saturday, October 24 at 8am

Saturday, October 24 at 5pm (reg required - click here) 

Sunday, October 25 at 7:30, 9, and 11am (reg required - click here) and 5:30pm (no registration needed)


We are excited to invite parishioners back to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass at All Saints.
At Mass we are fed with heavenly nourishment and provided with abundant spiritual graces. However, at All Saints we desire to care not only for the soul but also for the body >>
Coming to Mass
- the 'what you need to know' video.

  • Mass attendance is limited to 78 households or 250 people, whichever is less, allowing us to respect 6’ distance between each household.  Registration is required for the Sat 5pm, Sun 7:30am, 9:00am and 11:00am Masses.  If you do not reserve a spot, you may not be able to attend Mass in the church. Registration is no longer required for the Sun 5:30pm Mass, as the Church does not reach capacity.
  • Seating in church is reserved by household. An individual, a couple, or a family of five all count as a single household, and therefore, should only reserve one ticket. At the 9:00am and 11:00am Masses, households of 1-2 people will be directed to a specific section in the church to allow more spaces for the families that attend these Masses.
OPTION 2 - Attending Mass from the Parking Lot
  • Tune in to 90.9 FM
  • Communion will now be distributed under the canopy after all weekend Masses
  • After Mass is over, please wait in your car until the parking lot attendants direct you. When directed you will drive to the front of the canopy and exit your car to receive communion. Please do not pull up or exit your car until directed.
OPTION 3 - Attending Mass via Live-stream
Our 9 AM Sunday Mass is live-streamed and is available each week 
.streaming graphic
  • Access the live-stream by clicking this image at the top-right of our PRAY WITH US page. (This will now take you to the All Saints YouTube Channel.) 
  • Mass will continue to be available as a video recording on the parish website shortly following the conclusion of the live-stream and remain active for you to view at a later time.
You can also listen to Mass on Relevant Radio 1330 AM and EWTN (the Eternal World Television Network)
OPTION 1 Parking Directions:
If you have registered to attend Mass inside, please enter using the south entrance and park in Lot #3 - nearest the wood doors, as directed by the parking assistants. You will enter the building at the canopy but will exit near the wooden doors.


OPTION 2 Parking Directions:

If attending Mass from the Parking Lot, please enter using the north entrance and park in Lot #2 - in front of the canopy doors in every other parking space, as directed by parking lot assistants.


parking lot map

What is the mask policy at All Saints?
Be prepared to wear a mask at all times when in the building. We do have limited supply of face masks available if you forget. We are awaiting additional guidance from the Archbishop's office and will post to our website when it is available.
Who should come to Mass?
The obligation to attend Mass is still dispensed. We ask that those who are vulnerable to the virus for age or underlying health reasons continue to stay home at this time. Stay home if you or someone in your household has been diagnosed with COVID-19 or has been knowingly exposed, you feel unwell, have a fever, are experiencing any symptoms as outlined by the CDC, or live with/care for someone who is at greater risk. The 9am Sunday Mass will continue to be live-streamed.

What should I expect when I arrive for Mass inside?
Please enter through the canopy entrance. The wood doors (leading directly into the Gathering Space) are for exit only. Avoid congregating and chatting in church. Do not give handshakes, and remain six feet apart at all times. Use the hand sanitizer at the entrances (or bring your own hand sanitizer). Ushers will seat each family, so wait in the spaces marked in the Gathering Space until the usher directs you to a pew. Each section of pews is marked for certain family sizes to ensure maximum capacity while still respecting six feet of social distancing between families. Please use the bathroom before you arrive. Water fountains will not be available. Church bathrooms are for emergencies only. Please be patient and flexible.

What should I bring?
We strongly encourage those who will participate inside the church to wear a mask. All those distributing Communion or coming closer than six feet to people will be wearing masks to prevent possible spread of the virus. If possible, bring your own hand sanitizer. Anything you bring in the pew must be taken with you when you leave. Paper worship aids will not be provided for weekend Masses. You may access an electronic copy of the worship aid, including the spoken responses and readings, on your smartphone to view during Mass.(

What will change with the Mass?
The structure of the Mass remains unchanged.
You will notice a few adjustments, including:
  • the Holy Water fonts are empty
  • there will be no congregational singing, because singing expels many more respiratory particles than speaking. However, there will still be a cantor and instrumental music.
  • no altar servers.
  • the Sign of Peace has been temporarily suspended.
  • new collection baskets with long handles will be used, eliminating the need to pass the basket during the offertory. You are encouraged to sign up for electronic giving, available online.
  • Communion distribution will be different. Required changes will be explained at each Mass.
  • At the end of Mass do not leave your pew. For your safety, ushers will dismiss you section by section. Please follow the exit path they indicate and proceed immediately to the exit.
Will I be able to receive Communion?
Yes! The greatest gift of Holy Communion, whereby Jesus Christ gives Himself to us in His Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity, is worthy of our utmost honor and love. In this union we become one with God, and therefore, being in right relationship with Him is of highest importance.

Holy Communion will be distributed to the faithful at all Masses. It will be offered only under the species of the Precious Body. Ushers will direct you when to go forward, leaving six-foot distance between families in the communion line. The minister will hold up the host and say, “The Body of Christ.” You reply “Amen.” and then remove your face mask to receive. You are strongly encouraged to receive the Eucharist in your hand. The distributor of Holy Communion will sanitize his or her hands between communicants if contact occurs. Low-gluten hosts are consecrated for every Mass. If you require a low-gluten host, please notify the usher that you need to receive Holy Communion from the celebrant (in the center section).
Many people are needed to assist with ushering during Mass, both in the Church and in the parking lot. Assistance is also needed to disinfect the Church after each Mass. If you are able to help with either of these tasks, click HERE to sign up. A staff member will contact you with specific details.
  • 8:30-9:30am
  • 3:30-4:30pm
    or by appointment (call the parish office 952-469-4481)
Confessions are temporarily taking place in St. Mary's Chapel (not in the confessional), behind a screen. A staff member is at the wood doors to the Church during confession times to direct you. There is room for a small number of people to wait in the Gathering Space, but you may be asked to wait outside the wood doors to ensure distance among those waiting.
Click Here for Immediate Vacancies
With the return of public Masses, Adoration will be suspended only during Mass. The current schedule continues in the Main Church and is open to all parishioners. Please note the time change on Sundays. During funerals, Adoration will take place in St. Mary's Chapel. Your cooperation is appreciated.
Please maintain social distancing with those around you and use sanitizer and wipes to clean your space.