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Leadership Opportunities

All Saints Catholic Church operates under a shared leadership approach. The leadership of All Saints includes the pastor, staff, councils and commissions, advisories, and teams that oversee the essential aspects of the parish providing direction and focus. Parishioners lead by sharing their knowledge, skills, and time through a commission structure. We have six commissions focusing on specific areas of ministry, along with two councils that provide consultation to the pastor in decision-making.
Parishioners are encouraged to lend their gifts and competencies through the pastoral council, finance council, and commissions.
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Our six commissions are:
Each commission has six members and a staff liaison. Commissions meet monthly on a common meeting night to share prayer, encourage communication, and keep informed about each other's work.


The purpose of the Pastoral Council of the Church of All Saints is to:

    • Serve as guardians and stewards of the parish in long-range planning
    • Consult on issues and policy development of the parish community
    • Assist in ministering to the spiritual needs of the faith community


In cooperation with the Pastor, the Council intends to pray and reflect on matters pertaining to the good of the Church. It is also the purpose of the Council to offer an ongoing evaluation of the parish’s fulfillment of its long-range plan, its goals, and its conformity to the Gospel. (Constitution Adopted, 11/05)


Parish Trustees are members of the Pastoral Council. Beth Knight and Gregg Dertinger currently serve All Saints in this role.


Serves as an advisory group to the pastor, and is canonically required. The primary responsibilities are the development of the annual budget, monthly review of financial statements, and the overseeing of financial policies for All Saints Church and School.