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Financial Stewardship

Share and Celebrate the Life of the Parish
As we come together as a faith community in beautiful Lakeville, we are called to our mission to “lead people to Christ through liturgy, learning, sacraments, and service” by sharing our prayers and gifts. As a partner in our mission, we turn to you to bring this to its fullest realization with your generosity.

All Saints Catholic Church offers over 100 different ministries within our liturgies, sacramental preparation, faith formation programs, our Catholic school and preschool, parish outreach, and services to those in need locally, nationally, and internationally.
Financial giving supports the overall functioning of these ministries and the clergy, lay staff, and teachers who make it all happen.
Following is a brief description of the many needs that you may choose to support:
Sunday Offering - This is our general fund where donations are used to support the overall mission by helping to cover the fundamental costs of providing for liturgy, formation, programs, and ministries, including the costs of operating our building and compensating our employees. This is the most important of our funds as it provides the foundation of our day-to-day life as a community and allows us to address needs and projects without making special appeals.
Christmas, Easter, and Holy Days - These are essential supplements to our Sunday giving and operating funds. Occasionally these collections are earmarked for specific needs such as hunger relief in our community (Thanksgiving) and care and maintenance of sacred places in the Holy Land (Good Friday).
Christmas and Easter Memorials - Individuals may donate to help cover the liturgical aesthetics, including flowers, related to the special liturgical seasons of Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter, and other special community liturgical events.
School Facility - The school is a ministry of the parish. This fund is used to cover a portion of the annual expenses for utilities and building costs allocated to the school and special projects. It is designed for parishioners who have a heart for the school ministry or who may have employee match programs that are eligible for the school but not the parish. Please consult your employee match program to ensure All Saints Catholic School qualifies.
Church Building - This fund is designed to create reserves for deferred and long-term maintenance for our building. This allows us to replace structural components of the building, such as the roof, HVAC units, and other capital improvements as the building ages.
School Financial Aid - This fund is used specifically to help provide scholarships for families in need to cover annual school tuition.
Outreach Relief - These funds are used as part of our response to the Gospel’s call to meet the needs of the least among us. (Matthew 25:40)
  • Emergency Relief: Funds are used for charitable outreach to support families and individuals in the local community who have basic and immediate financial needs.

  • Hunger Relief: Funds are used to directly assist in feeding the hungry both locally and globally. Activities currently supported include Loaves and Fishes, Dinner on the Hill, local food shelves and Feed My Starving Children.
Wish List - This fund is used for specific needs of the parish identified after the annual budget is approved.
All Saints Catholic Church is a 503(c) Religious Organization. Be sure to consult with your financial advisor before making any financial decisions. Questions? Contact the parish finance department at [email protected]
Loma Ince
Director of Finance
Tammi Kirchoff
Parish Data Assistant