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Annual Report FY2020-21

The leadership of All Saints Catholic Church presents the July 2020 – June 2021 Annual Report. While this report covers information about the parish in the past fiscal year, it does so under the cloud of the COVID-19 pandemic. The parish has had to deal with its share of unknowns during this past year.
However, during the pandemic, All Saints adapted in many areas and continued to move forward, remaining a stable community, keeping Christ and the Eucharist the center of everything.

You are invited to read not only the financial information contained in this report, but also the various facts, figures, and stories that have kept All Saints Catholic Church a vibrant parish this past year.
A copy of the summary balance sheet and cashflow statement is available upon request. Please contact Loma Ince, Director of Finance and Operations, in the Parish Office at 952-469-6473.