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Homebound/Care Center Ministries

Those who are confined to home or to healthcare facilities are no less a part of our faith community than any others. As such, we seek to include these brothers and sisters in parish life through sacramental and pastoral outreach.

Members of our Eucharistic Caregiver Ministry are available to bring Communion to those who are home-bound.

Our priests and deacons are also available to make pastoral visits.

All Saints also provides Catholic pastoral and sacramental ministry to several local care centers.
  • Highview Hills, Lakeville
  • Fountains at Hosanna, Lakeville
  • Kingsley Shores / Place, Lakeville
  • Centennial House, Apple Valley
  • The Moments, Lakeville
  • The Beehive, Lakeville

If you know of anyone who is home-bound and unable to attend Mass, and who would like one of our communion ministers to visit, please contact Deacon Jim Marschall (952-985-9983) / [email protected]