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From The Pastor's Pen

Fr. Wilson will give a brief presentation and answer questions about his recent pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela, the tomb of St. James on Monday, November 8, 6:15-7:00pm in the Dining Room next to Murphy Hall.

The Fnish Line

Deo Gratias! Video


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“4th century BC ruins near Pales de Rei, Spain. Older than I am…barely.”frtw camino9-29.2
“Pilgrimage is beautiful even if pilgrims are dirty and messy. Another classic view of the valley on the way to Santiago and the tomb of St. James.”



The Camino - Sept 28

frtw vineyard

"In the vineyard. Grapes being harvested!"

frtw castle

"Knights of Templar castle in Ponferrada, Spain."
Read about this historic site.

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"It’s not all corn in Iowa and Nebraska and the Camino isn’t all beautiful churches. Almost 20 miles of mostly rural farmland today. Beautiful in its own way."