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Father Wilson's Bulletin Article

December 10, 2023

Deacon Wayne Bellefeuille

by Father Tom Wilson, pastor

One of my first memories of All Saints Catholic School was attending a pep fest preparing our students for the annual Minnesota Marathon for Nonpublic Education. I knew about the marathon but not its iteration at All Saints. Over 300 students gathered in Murphy Hall to prepare for the biggest school fundraiser. Their primary encourager was a guy portraying a cartoonish “nerd” complete with a pocket protector and broken glasses mended with white tape. The “nerd” was not only able to manage the raucous crowd of students, but he also had them paying attention and responding to his encouragement.
He had a gift that many who work with youth can only imagine. His ability to remind the kids of their blessings at All Saints was something to behold. I soon learned that the “nerd” was now Deacon Wayne Bellefeuille, ordained at the Cathedral this weekend. I would also learn that he had a long history as a school parent and parishioner of giving himself in service to youth in school and other parts of the parish. He used his gifts of music in the liturgy, was great at gathering people together, and was a man who could be counted on in service to the community.
God began to work in Wayne through ways that were not familiar to him, eventually leading to his willingness to discern becoming a permanent deacon, something first encouraged by Father Tiffany many years ago. The pandemic had a positive yet unexpected effect as it allowed him to easily attend daily Mass in the work-at-home environment. That connection with daily Eucharist strengthened his faith in Jesus’ presence. I have welcomed his willingness to help wherever needed, but getting to know him as a man and as a disciple through daily contact has been a greater blessing.
Wayne’s discernment was anything but impulsive, and he is truly an example of “trusting the process” in his discernment and formation. He not only learned the liturgy well, but accepted the call to pastoral care a deacon takes on, and embraced the role of a deacon in the community. I am grateful that he created a ministry of spiritually caring for the dying as his pastoral care project. Gathering a team of others to pray and support people in the dying process and their families has already born fruit in our parish.
Wayne is married to Meg Bellefeuille and father to Josh, Erin Fakler, Alicia, and Ross. He has been a great example of faith and discipleship to them and to us.
I am grateful to welcome Deacon Wayne to the ordained clergy for service to God’s people in pastoral care and at the altar. His formation will continue here at All Saints until Archbishop Hebda assigns him permanently next spring.
We look forward to a big welcome reception on Sunday, January 14, after the 11am Mass. Congratulations, Deacon Wayne! We are grateful God called you to use your many gifts in service to the Church!