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Our mission: To welcome all guests as Christ. (Matthew 25:35)

Greeters are trained on an ongoing basis. Please email Rebecca Visser [email protected] to set up a training time.
  • Welcoming everyone who comes through the doors for Mass on the weekends. 
  • Intentionally engaging in one on one conversations (handshakes, pats on the back/shoulder, short conversations) with all parishioners and guests in a friendly and authentic – but brief – way. 
  • Share the Gospel by making others feel welcomed and glad they chose to worship at All Saints.  A welcoming and warm environment allows for hearts to be open and receptive to God’s Word.
  • Help those unfamiliar with our church find the location of restrooms, nursery, hearing enhancers, etc.
Greeters may also serve at our Advent and Lenten Reconciliation Days, which are a wonderful opportunity to make the Sacrament of Reconciliation accessible to our parishioners, faith formation students, and visitors.
If you are interested in this important role in the liturgy, please contact Kim Thoraldson 952.469.6460 / [email protected]