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All Saints Playgroup

All ages are welcome.
Last summer, the All Saints playgroup met on WEDNESDAYS from 9:30-11am AND 6-7:30pm.
Come and go as your schedule allows. Pack a lunch or a snack if you’d like.
BYO balls/bikes. Invite others!  
Stay tuned for the 2024 summer schedule!
What's Playgroup?
All Saints playgroup provides families of All Saints Catholic Church the opportunity to socialize and develop friendships within an atmosphere of shared beliefs. 
      • It's an opportunity to meet and connect with other All Saints families
      • It's a place to share Catholic ideas for kids
      • It's a chance to explore local parks
      • It's an opportunity to participate in family-friendly service projects
If you have any questions please feel e-mail [email protected] or contact Michelle @ 612.203.4235 or Nicole @ 307.851.9448 with any questions.