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All Saints Catholic Church remains committed to its Mission of Leading People to Christ through Liturgy, Learning, Sacraments, and Service.  Challenges associated with the pandemic, as well as the uncertainty and unrest of the summer, have heightened - not diminished - our parish’s responsibility to accompany parishioners of all ages on their journey of faith. Formation programs that support individuals and families are a significant component of that responsibility. 

Outlined below are the two options available for our Faith Enrichment Program (FEP) this coming year.  Both Option 1: FEP + Family and Option 2: FEP @ Home provide a full program year of formation content for children and youth. The formation staff continues to work to create curricula that will meet our student’s faith needs in a variety of environments, while maintaining the ability to adapt to changes in our circumstances.

Children and Youth Ages 4 to Grade 8 will participate in FEP onsite once a month during the first semester. Our hope is that we can increase to twice a month onsite, beginning in January.

Families will choose their class date and time when they register, as they have in the past. We are encouraging parents whose children distance-learn on Mondays to register for Monday evening classes.
  • Within each cohort, grade-level communities will be divided into pods of up to 9 students with one Mission Partner.
  • In addition, we will provide parents with family-oriented support materials which:
    • Use scripture to prepare for Sunday Mass, have a seasonal family service or prayer experience, and contain extension materials suitable for the whole family.
    • Provide parents with monthly guidance, support, and respite as they navigate their role as the primary educator of their children (on many levels!)
    • Provide access to resources that help their child(ren) delve deeper into topics and questions regarding the Faith.

Grades 9 & 10 (Chosen 9 & 10) will also meet onsite once a month for the first part of the year.

  • Grade 9
    • First Semester: Each month, students and parents will attend one formation session together. An additional session will be delivered digitally (either via live-stream or as a recording.)
    • Second Semester: Each month, students will attend one formation session onsite, and one session using digital technology (ex: Zoom.)
  • Grade 10
    • Students will attend formation onsite once a month. This onsite formation will utilize small groups to foster a community of support. Additional content will be provided via MindFlash, our current Confirmation portal.
Parents have the option to have their children’s formation take place entirely offsite, in their own homes. If they choose this option, we will provide them with the instructional material and resources they need.
To participate in FEP @ Home, families will still need to register for the program and pay the associated fee.
  • Parents can choose to supplement or replace the formation materials we provide, except for years involving sacrament preparation. During those years, parents are to use the instructional materials provided by the parish, unless they receive written permission to use an alternative form.
Families with Children Grades 1 to 8:
  • Families with children and youth in Grades 1-8 will be provided with materials and curricula that are reflective of the developmental and spiritual needs of the children and youth in their home.  This will include:
    • Age-level curricula with student materials (print and digital) and access to online lessons and guides.
    • Full access to the family-based material provided to the FEP + Family program.
    • Communication and support from staff and mission partners, as well as encouragement to connect and share with other parents.
    • Flexibility to join the FEP + Family option in January if space and health protocols allow.
Grades 9 & 10 Formation:
  • We will provide curricula and education resources for young people that are reflective of their developmental and spiritual needs. In almost every case, we will be able to use online platforms to provide onsite-equivalent content at home.

Sacrament preparation is a formation priority. Reparations will be modified to meet health and safety concerns, and offsite alternatives will be made available to families who ask.

First Reconciliation/Eucharist
Families with children in Grade 2 and above who desire these sacraments should be registered for FEP + Family, FEP @ Home, All Saints Catholic School, or participate in a home school association. Content for Children in Grades 2 and 3 is the same as in past years, but the methods for delivery have been modified.
  • Parent Information and formation sessions will be delivered via video conference.
  • Print material specifically designed for family use will be provided.
  • Parent/Child Learning Centers: On specific days, parents will schedule a time to accompany their child through a series of learning centers. These centers will aim to provide immediate preparation for the sacraments, and will take the place of Parent/Child Activity Days from previous years.
  • Content for Children Grade 4 and older: Parents will collaborate with Mike Vievering to determine the scope of preparation.
  • Preparation of Children with special needs: Parents will collaborate with Karl Horwath and our team of retired educational professionals to create a plan.
Confirmation Preparation – Grade 10+
Students preparing for Confirmation must be in Grade 10 or above. In addition, they should be registered for FEP + Family, FEP @ Home, Catholic school, or participate in a home school association. Content of Confirmation Formation (in addition to religious formation provided through FEP, Catholic school, or home school):
  • Parents will attend an Information Session, delivered via video conference in September.
  • Students will complete a core sacrament curriculum via online portal.
  • Students will attend 2 candidate/sponsor events (1.5 hours in January and April)
  • Students will participate in a service activity, either personally or with their family.
  • Students will attend a daytime retreat experience. (Details TBD.)
A detailed document outlining the health and safety of children, youth, mission partners, and staff will be available in the coming weeks, but the protocols will include:
  • Health check-ins for staff, Mission Partners, and students.
  • Masks worn by all staff, Mission Partners, and students over the age of 5.
  • Hands washed or sanitized coming into and out of the facility.
  • Rooms, common spaces, and high-touch surfaces sanitized multiple times each program day.
  • Use of CDC and MDH recommendations:
  • Students will be grouped in pods of 8 or 9. Masks and social distancing will be required within the pods.
  • Staff and mission partners trained in health and safety protocols.
  • A checklist of tasks to be completed before and after sessions with children will be provided.
  • Evening and weekend programming which limits the number of students, parents, and mission partners in the facility to less than 250.
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FEP $125

Family Maximum $315


Confirmation  $75

Eucharist & Reconciliation  $75


Make an online payment here.