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Gardens & Grounds

The gardens for which we have need of volunteers are:
  • The Mary Garden which also has a brochure listing the flowers and their spiritual and theological meaning
  • The Meditation Garden and St. Francis of Assisi Courtyard Garden on lower level
  • The Vi Mayer Memorial Garden
  • The Plaza Gardens which include the two large bermed areas outside the main entrance
  • The Canopy Entrance and Chapel windows area
  • The Parking Lot Islands and Light Strips
  • The Rectory plantings.


“Ave Maria”
2019 Mary Garden Planting Day

Thank you to all the families who came to the Mary Garden Planting day on June 5. We had perfect weather and an abundance of plants. We first prayed a decade of the Rosary and an Entrustment Prayer to Mary in the Church. Outside we learned the spiritual meaning of the flowers and the children worked hard planting those they had brought. The Garden is Beautiful! Come and see!
Thank you everyone,
Mary Clare Wareham

Each child is asked to bring their Rosary, one (or more) packs of flowers (see attached list) and garden trowel.  Extra trowels would be appreciated! See back of flyer for a list of the plants we need. And pray for a nice day!  A few adult “planting supervisors” would be greatly appreciated!


Entering our church and cemetery properties we encounter a canopy of stately green ash trees. These trees have been here for many years forming a walkway to the House of God and the resting place for those who have gone on before us. These beautiful trees are being severely threatened by a noxious insect called the emerald ash borer (EAB) which has wiped out hundreds of thousand trees in the United States. It is present in Dakota County and county officials have declared a quarantine on ash trees.

Alerted by the severity of the EAB we contacted arborists who recommended treatment. Previously, the treatment was to cut down the trees and dispose. Pesticide companies became alerted to the enormity of the issue and started formulating pesticides and injection technology.

Pesticide is injected into the tree or the soil. The survival rate is 99% provided treatment is conducted every other year. References from the cities of Burnsville, Shakopee, St. Louis Park and Fort Snelling National Cemetery were very satisfied with this injection process.

Competitive bids were taken and the successful vendor has completed the injection of all 57 trees on church property and 33 trees on the cemetery property at a combined cost of $6935.25. The pesticide used is a safe, organic option.

We now can continue to encounter those 89 beautiful ash trees for many years thanks to the latest technology.

We're Looking For Gardeners

We are in need of a couple of gardeners to oversee our church gardens and trees on the property. Please call Liz Townley if you can help at 952-891-2366,