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Purified - November 3, 2022

Purified Header
All Saints is pleased to join the Church of St. Edwards in Bloomington for the Purified event on Thursday, November 3 from 7-9pm. Purified features internationally known speaker and best-selling author, Jason Evert.
Jason and his wife Crystalina run the ministry Chastity Project and its website,
Jason Evert
Purified is about discovering God’s plan for love and opens an opportunity to continue the discussion about this important topic at home with resources that work. The event includes a talk from Jason where he mixes humor with down-to-earth practicality, making the difficult conversations about love much easier, and ends with Adoration, praise and worship, and an opportunity for the Sacrament of Reconciliation, transforming the night into a mini-retreat for the whole family.
This event is open to teens ages 13+, Adults, Parents, and Grandparents and will be held at St. Edwards in Bloomington (9401 Nesbitt Avenue South).
Tickets can be purchased in-person by visiting the All Saints office ($10/person) or online ($12/person and also picked up in the office). All attending require a ticket. A permission form is required if a parent does not attend. Tickets must be purchased by October 19.
All tickets include bus transportation from All Saints to St. Edwards.
If a permission form is needed,
you have the option to complete
the form at the end of the ticket
purchase process.