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Peer Ministry

All Saints’ model of Youth Ministry involves many teens and adults.  

Leadership, faith witness, and service are key components for those interested in Peer Ministry.


Peer Ministry 101! Peer Ministry is for teens...
  • seeking greater involvement in their church
  • wanting to share their gifts and talents
  • desiring a deeper relationship with God
  • willing to participate in Christian service, faith witness, and leadership
  • Recommend a Youth for Peer Ministry
Peer Ministry is the youth leadership of All Saints... ...and YOU are invited to apply!

What is Peer Ministry?
It is an opportunity for high school youth to respond to their baptismal call to be a priest (servant), prophet (faith witness) and king (leader) among their peers in youth related events and activities in All Saints and in the community.

Peer ministers serve as leaders for youth groups (middle school and high school), music, retreats, service pieces, and more! Teens in Peer Ministry choose their commitment level and specific responsibilities. Fall retreat (second weekend in August) and some training are required for those interested.                  

Why should I get involved?
You should be a peer minister if you possess the passion and courage to preserve and grow in your relationship with God, serve others, witness your faith (share and spread the Good News), and to build skills to be a leader. Whether you are extroverted or introverted you will develop valuable skills in working with others, communication, planning, problem solving, and implementing various opportunities for youth.

It is a good way to invest yourself in your church and community, as well as develop long-lasting friendships in both areas, thereby building skills and resources that will be useful for the rest of your life. Involvement is good for college applications, employment applications, resumes and other opportunities.

Who can be in Peer Ministry?

Any mature teen (grades 8-12).  


What Is Expected of Me?     (some exceptions may be granted)                                                                                                    

  • Ability to interact with peers, clergy, adult ministry members and/or leaders, model Catholic values, and a desire to grow in faith through prayer, service, faith witness, and leadership.
  • Attend monthly Sunday planning and formation meeting (2hrs), 2-3 planning sessions August/Sept.
  • Share your gifts and support throughout the program year (August-May).
  • Complete Application (available online) & two character references.
  • Attend fall weekend retreat July/August (sign up online under Peer Ministry page)
Unsure if Peer Ministry is right for you? Join us on our annual kick-off August 9th at Cleary Lake.