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Catholic Watchmen

Calling Men to be Protectors, Providers and Leaders of our Parishes and Families 


The mission of the Catholic Watchmen is to respond to Bishop Cozzen’s call to Catholic men to live up to their duty to be protectors, providers and leaders of their families. To accomplish this task, Catholic Watchmen learn and practice 7 Disciplines. Each Catholic Watchmen Night runs from 6:45-8:30pm.



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 The Catholic Watchmen vision

Calling men to be protectors, providers and leaders

According to organizers, “The Catholic Watchmen are Catholic priests, deacons and laymen who have made a real commitment to know Jesus by practicing the faith, to become spiritual leaders and vigilant protectors of their families and to be the vanguard of a new evangelization of men in their parishes. Catholic Watchmen take a vow to strive to live the heroic life of a real Catholic man by practicing the faith.”


Its leaders are encouraging Catholic men to commit to the following seven regular faith practices:


Daily practices

1. Personal prayer and leading the family in prayer

2. Examine conscience at the day’s end

3. Encounter Christ in sacred Scripture


Weekly practices

4. Faithfully attend Sunday Mass

5. Look for opportunities to serve and be a witness both in family and community


Monthly practices

6. Go to confession

7. Actively build Catholic fraternity and evangelize men through monthly parish gatherings



Calling Men to be Protectors,
Providers and Leaders
of our Parishes
and Families
It is led by our Pastors,
but is run by laymen
with support from
the Archdiocese.