Requesting Marriage

All Saints invites couples who wish to marry at All Saints to embrace a life of faith and encourages couples to participate in parish life, particularly presence at Sunday Mass. The process for requesting to be married at All Saints begins by calling the Pastor, Fr. Tom Wilson (952-469-6501) 9-12 months in advance of a wedding date. Please do not make plans for marriage preparation without first talking to Fr. Wilson.

Who Can Marry...
In order to meet the needs of both couples and the parish, the following guidelines will be used in determining if All Saints is a suitable place for your wedding:

  • The sacrament of Matrimony occurs between a man and woman.
  • One (or both) should be baptized Catholic or received into the Church before the wedding.
  • If either or both have been previously married, they must pursue and complete canonical resolution to those relationships before a wedding date can be set. Please contact Father Wilson to begin this process.
  • Couples who are parishioners (either registered or living in the area) or who have parents who are parishioners can expect to set a wedding date at your first meeting with the pastor or his delegate.
  • This wedding date will be at least 9-12 months after the initial meeting, and is based upon availability. 
  • Those who do not currently have a connection with the parish may meet with the pastor or his delegate to determine if All Saints is a suitable location for your wedding liturgy. Convenience to a reception venue does not typically constitute suitability.
  • We ask couples who are cohabiting (living together) to be open to a discussion on the impact of that choice on the health of their relationship, and through pre-marriage formation make choices which will reduce risk to the relationship, as well as honor the sacredness of intimacy in marriage.

Guest Clergy at my Wedding...

The Pastor, Associate Pastor, and Deacons assigned to All Saints have primary responsibility for the celebration of all weddings held at the parish. All Saints is open and welcoming to Catholic clergy, who are friends or relatives of the couple, and wish preside or co-preside at wedding liturgies. All visiting clergy must receive express delegation from the Pastor, as well as procure the necessary credentials from the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis in order to witness marriage vows within this parish.

Non-Catholic Clergy are welcome to assist at the wedding ceremony in the case of an interfaith marriage. While the priest/deacon must preside, proclaim the gospel, preach the homily, and receive vows, the non-Catholic clergy may have a place in the Sanctuary, offer prayers, and give blessings, as long as these are in harmony with the Catholic form of the ritual.

To Have and To Hold

Wedding Guidelines