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All Saints Endowment Fund

Giving with a Catholic Heart 
As Catholics, we are called to use our gifts “as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms” (1 Peter 4:10) to build God’s kingdom on Earth. In this way, we seek to enter the kingdom of heaven and attain the promise of eternal life. The call to stewardship goes beyond our generous giving of time, treasure, and talent. The USCCB writes that “as Christian stewards, we receive God’s gifts gratefully, cultivate them responsibly, share them lovingly in justice with others, and return them with an increase to the Lord.” 
Endowment Mark
The All Saints Catholic Church Endowment Fund was established in 2021 to fulfill this call. The purpose of the endowment fund is to support the ministry and facility needs of the parish. 
The original corpus, and future contributions to the endowment fund, are invested in perpetuity with the earnings being used to support and enhance the mission of the parish. The purpose of an endowment fund is to provide a sustainable source of income for our parish community forever.
How the fund works...
Future funding will be used to support one or more of the following ministries or programs:
Capital improvements and maintenance - Finance improvements, maintenance, and repair of our campus buildings and equipment.
Worship - Provides materials and equipment to maintain inspirational, dynamic liturgy and music for our parish community.
Faith Formation - Enriches life-long faith formation and supports creative programs for parishioners ranging from early childhood to adulthood.
Pastoral Care - Supports outreach and ministries to the elderly, homebound, sick and grieving members of our parish community. Also provides emotional and spiritual care to those in crisis or life transitions such as marriage, divorce, and parenting.
Social Justice - Raises awareness of social justice issues within our community and helps to meet the needs of the poor within and outside our parish.
Our Partner
The All Saints Catholic Church Endowment Fund is managed by the Catholic Community Foundation of Minnesota (CCF). As a professional financial steward of charitable assets, CCF ensures our endowments are invested under current laws and best practices. A partner who shares our faith, CCF is committed to carefully investing in alignment with the teachings of the Catholic Church.
How to make a gift to the endowment fund
The concept of endowment aligns closely with our Catholic beliefs. Endowments are funds that are invested, grow, and yield gains in perpetuity. This means they will support good works eternally.
Each year, we are provided with the option to receive a distribution from the fund’s earnings or reinvest it. The principle is protected and continues to grow. Although we can’t predict what the next 50 years holds for our parish, we know we will always need financial support to carry out our mission and ministries. The All Saints Catholic Church Endowment Fund will provide us with a grant distribution in support of our parish community every single year - forever. 
By leveraging the power of endowment, you can live and lead generously, ensuring your Catholic faith and its good works will continue to benefit countless generations to come. Contributions of any size are appreciated. Gifts should be made to All Saints Catholic Church and designated for the All Saints Catholic Church Endowment Fund. 
Gifts to the endowment are grown through prudent, faith-aligned investing, and the principal is legally protected. Each year, a portion of the endowment’s earnings is available for distribution to our parish.
A gift to the endowment can come in the form of:
Direct Gifts - Contribute by check made payable to All Saints Catholic Church. Give an appreciated asset (stock, mutual fund, bonds) or make a direct contribution through a Qualified Charitable Distribution from an IRA.
Will, Estate Plan or Trust - Designate a specific dollar amount or percentage of the residue of your estate.
IRA, Retirement Account or Insurance policy - Designate the fund as a beneficiary of your account or policy.
Charitable Remainder Trust or Charitable Gift Annuity - Work with our partner, the Catholic Community Foundation of MN to create a vehicle that provides income to you during your lifetime, and the “remainder” goes to the support Endowment Fund after you pass.
Celebratory Gifts - Memorialize or honor a family member, school class, alumnus/alumna or special occasion.
Donation of Real Estate - Receive valuable tax benefits with a donation of almost any type of real estate and avoid the hassle of selling real estate such as a personal residence, commercial building, vacation home, undeveloped land, or farmland.