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Choosing Wedding Music

Guidelines for Choosing Wedding Music

When planning liturgy and music for weddings at All Saints, we use the model of Sunday Mass as our guide.
Just as the songs we sing in the Sunday liturgy focus on the story of salvation and God’s love for us, the focus in the wedding liturgy should also be to praise and thank God and tell of His love and salvation.

Please consider the following factors in when considering music for your wedding liturgy:
  • Does the music express your faith as a couple and the faith of the Church?
  • Does the music praise or thank God for the gifts of life, tell of God’s love, or ask for God’s blessing on your marriage? Does it express the spiritual dimension of love, the sacramental nature of the celebration, or an appropriate passage from Scripture?
  • Will the music enable you and the assembly to praise and worship God? Is the congregation enabled to sing parts of the liturgy in hymns, psalms, and acclamations?
  • Can the musicians and the assembly sing the music easily?
Click on the "All Saints Wedding Music" pdf link to the right to download a list of music suggestions for each part of the wedding liturgy.
Rebecca Visser
Director of Music and Liturgy