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Light Weigh

LIVE VIRTUAL SESSIONS with Suzanne Fowler!!
Light Weigh is a Catholic based spiritual weight loss program. For information on 12-week Light Weigh virtual sessions - contact Light Weigh at | or call 1-877-589-3444.

God has the answers for our weight, food struggle and all temptations. 

Would you like to get peace with food and get off the diet roller coaster?  Give God a chance and rediscover the freedom from food you had as a small child!

The Light Weigh is a Catholic based 12-week Bible Study and Video Series that draws upon the FULLNESS of the Truth found in our beautiful faith.  By following the Light Weigh, you will learn to attain peace with food by imitating the example of Jesus and many of our beloved saints.


Find out how this program has helped fellow parishioners!


New and returning members welcome! To register or for more information, please contact Barb van Dyke.

Fast Until You Feel Hunger
  • Do Not Weigh More Than Once a Week
  • Take Baby Steps
  • Sacrifice Focus
  • Offer Up Your Pain
  • As a Sacrifice for Others
  • Use the Ignatius Rule of "Divide and Conquer"
  • TRUST in Jesus
  • Leave a Little for your Guardian Angel
  • Pray Jesus' Name Jesus. Jesus. Jesus.
  • Angelic Protection
  • Love-Faith-Trust-Obedience
  • Achieve PEACE with Food!

Seeking assistant volunteer coordinator for evening session. No experience necessary, training provided. 

Light Weigh Contact
Barb van Dyke 
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