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Discipleship Teams (1st-12th grade)


New Discipleship Teams

We want your child to experience a faith that is more than just facts learned in a classroom. Our hope is for them to know and love God, and have a dynamic faith that is lived at home, at school and with friends. This kind of faith comes from having a life-long relationship with God as His disciple. We know learning to be a disciple takes a team – it takes a family. It is in these relationships that we learn, support one another, and call each other forward in a life of faith. That is why beginning this year, we are introducing Discipleship Teams at All Saints. These teams will better serve youth by providing a place where they can grow as disciples in community, and their relationship with God can flourish.


These teams will consist of 8-10 young people who will remain together, with the same leaders, over multiple years. This model allows each team to grow in real community as disciples by providing an environment where: every youth is noticed, named, and known; the truth, beauty and goodness of the faith can be applied to daily life; their formation at All Saints’ can have an impact that lasts a lifetime. Below you will find more about the changes our Discipleship Teams will bring to Faith Formation at All Saints. We are excited to partner with your family on your journey of faith! We can’t wait to see how God works in and through us as we move forward together in the coming year.


- All Saints Formation Staff

  • How will they be put into teams?
    • Youth will be put in a team based on age, school, gender, and preference.
    • Grades 4-12 will be in same gender teams.
  • Are these replacing religious education classes?
    • Religious formation is more than just facts learned in a book, it involves learning, discussing, and applying to daily life. Discipleship teams allow for all of these aspects to take place.