Our Parish Mission

All Saints Catholic Church is a large, growing suburban parish. As a Roman Catholic community of believers, we are called to a Mission of:Leading People to Christ through Liturgy, Learning, Sacraments, and Service. 

The Mission of All Saints Catholic Church represents our traditional Catholic faith and heritage. The Mission should inspire, motivate and provide direction for parish ministry. It explains why a parish exists with words that are simple, clear, and meaningful. Our Mission is large in content yet memorable. 

“Leading People to Christ” reflects a belief that our primary mission centers on developing deeper spiritual understanding and bearing witness to our Lord Jesus Christ. We strive to nurture a strong, open, and inclusive community whose members share the Good News of Jesus Christ.  

Our day-to-day lives are enriched through Liturgy, Learning, Sacraments, and Service. We accept the challenge to continue to develop our spirituality and to live a life of grace.  

Our Mission calls us to keep our faith vibrant and to pass it on to future generations. May we bring others closer to Christ and build the kingdom of God. 

All Saints School Mission

Guiding Children to Christ through Faith, Learning, Community, and Service.