Men’s Emmaus Retreat

All Saints Men's Emmaus Retreat

In the Gospel of Luke, we hear the story of two of Jesus’ disciples who encounter Him after the resurrection, but do not recognize Him until their eyes are opened and “He was made known to them in the breaking of the bread.” The Emmaus Retreat uses this story from Scripture to provide a setting for men to explore their own relationships with themselves, others and God in a supportive and caring setting.

All Saints men are invited to participate in Emmaus – to see Christ present in your life more clearly and to share in fellowship with other men.

Brochures are available at parish bulletin boards and on this page, or contact Joe Foley (612.819.0877 / 

Two friends who knew Jesus, who walked with Him, talked with Him, and ate meals with Him for three years did not recognize Him on a long walk down a dusty road to Emmaus. Based upon this story in Luke's gospel, the retreat helps you to recognize Jesus in your daily life. 

How often on your walk through life do you not see Jesus? What road are you traveling? What voices are you listening to? Are you traveling alone? 

As men of Emmaus, we invite you to join us on this walk. Together, we will encounter Jesus and open our eyes to His presence, in ourselves and those around us. 

What to expect:

Þ Fellowship

Þ Laughter

Þ Meaningful Conversation

Þ Honesty

Þ Friendship

Þ Healing

Þ Spiritual Growth


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Comments from past participants:

If I had to choose the most important events in my life at this point, they would be: my wedding day, the births of my two  sons ....and my Emmaus experience. They were all life-changing, and the Lord was the leader of all of them!  Dave


I didn’t know anyone before going.I just signed up. Upon my return I gained friends I never knew I had.  Eric


I really felt like the retreat team was on the journey with me. It was a wonderful experience. John


We all wonder if we should take advantage of opportunities that

come our way and…the chance I took on the Emmaus Retreat helped redirect my life.  Tom