Grow Our Mission 2019-20

Each fall, All Saints makes an intentional effort to renew and strengthen our commitment to live as Disciples of God – both personally and as a parish. The intent is for each person to commit to our mission by sacrificing our resources, sharing our faith, and casting our gifts into service so that others may come to know and love Christ.
As the Lakeville area continues to grow, All Saints needs to prepare to engage those who are new and those who desire to know God. We invite you to join with your fellow parishioners to Grow Our Mission with a generous response to God’s extravagant mercy. God’s mercy for His people is not some vague concept, but an intensely intimate love that knows the grace and shadow, joy and sorrow, freedom and fear, body and soul of each person. His love and forgiveness are gifts to each of us.

Although His love is personal, He did not create us to be alone. He created us to come to know Him by being in loving communion with the Body of Christ. Being in community in this sense is not like belonging to a social club or service organization. Our engagement in a community of faith - both in our families and in the parish - is essential to the well-being of the human soul. It is in relationship to each other that we flourish as persons and a community.
There are three charisms of discipleship - Sacrifice, Sharing, and Service.
Our parish needs generous contribution of all three to Grow Our Mission in Leading People to Christ through Liturgy, Learning, Sacraments, and Service.

Yours in Service to Christ,
All Saints Discipleship Council
Parents -
Please ask to see the Youth Discipleship Booklet sent home with your child(ren).
There are many parish opportunities waiting for Youth to share and serve.
Please sign and return a card for each child, grades 4-10.

Thank you for modeling Christian virtue.
I see God's love in this ministry through the adults that are helping out and the other kids that are participating in it.
Br. Gottsacker
"...they really planted those first seeds that start every vocation, every call to discipleship starts within the family.."
Matt Ettl
Matt Ettl
"...through my gift of prayer to others, I can give back a little bit...We continue to take the foundation we have as Christians and as Catholics and we just try to spread it."