Grow Our Mission 2019-20

Grades 4/5
124-74 grades 4-5 blockYouth Booklet
Grades 6/7/8124x76 grades 6-7-8 blockYouth Booklet
Parents -
Please ask to see the Youth Discipleship Booklet sent home with your child(ren).
There are many parish opportunities waiting for Youth to share and serve.
Please sign and return a card for each child, grades 4-10.

Thank you for modeling Christian virtue.

Introduction to Discipleship
Please return commitment cards to Mass or to the Parish Office.

Melissa & Mike Bares snaip
"Faith has, at its foundation, innumerable small things that add up to something glorious."

Annie Jones
Annie Jones
"Youth Ministry was a defining moment of how my faith started."
Carissa Bartlett
Carissa Bartlett
"... to help young people learn how to take that faith and turn around and live it."
Liz & Rob Sandwick
Liz & Robb Sandwick
''No greater joy can I have than this - to hear that my children follow the truth.''