Giving: Taking Root & Bearing Fruit

A Christian life embodies and expresses the one mission of Christ: to do God’s will, to proclaim the Good News of salvation, to heal the afflicted, to care for one’s sisters and brothers, to give life—life to the full—as Jesus did.”  (USCCB, Stewardship: A Disciples Response)


All Saint’s expressed mission- To lead people to Christ through Liturgy. Learning, Sacraments, and Service – intends not only to introduce Christ to those who do not yet know him, but to prepare those who do know Christ to live a life of discipleship. Through daily activity including sharing, sacrifice, and service a disciple not only strengthens their own faith, but makes Christ known to others. 


Sharing springs from recognizing the abundance of God’s gifts and a generous desire to share them. We share our time in prayer– at Mass, Adoration, and in our homes. We share the gift of hospitality when we welcome someone new at work, at school, or in the neighborhood. We share Christ’s compassion when we bring a meal to a family or send a card to someone who has lost a loved one. We share God’s joy when we attend a wedding, a baptism, or an anniversary. 


It is in relationship with others that we are formed as disciples. When it comes to our lives of faith we need the stability of a stable, faithful, and thriving community that provides both support for living for Christ and opportunities to share Him. In the Divine plan of communio in our Church, the coming together of God’s people to praise, worship and serve Him provides the foundation for our lives to bear fruit for God. We don’t do it alone. There are many ways that a person can build relationships needed for sharing. We have provided a link to a few options on the right had side of this page.  

Sacrifice has it origin in Latin and literally translated means “to make a sacred gift. Understandably the word became associated with suffering, since Jesus is God’s most sacred gift to us, and He choose death on a cross for our salvation. The true nature of sacrifice is to choose a course of action that brings about the flourishing of God’s love in the world, even if that action is initially difficult. A person who donates personal time to teach their child’s faith formation class or mentor a young person knows fruit will come from the sacrifice.  In parish life, sacrifice – making a sacred gift– of our time, our talent, and our treasure expresses gratitude to God who has given us our most sacred gifts– life, love, faith, and eternal life.


In Peter 4:10 we are instructed: “As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God’s varied grace.” Sunday giving in generous support of the parish’s mission is an obvious sacrifice made by many parishioners as stewards of God’s grace.To the right you will find links that will assist you in making your financial commitment to the mission.



We introduce children to Service in simple ways­– buying and wrapping gifts at Christmas for a family in need, donating an hour or two working as a family at fall festival, or helping an older neighbor with yard work. Even these simple acts of service, when done in love make Jesus known. Christian service, exercised in parish life allows the fruitful sharing of one person’s gift to nourish the roots of another person.


At All Saints, there are literally hundreds of ways for you and your family to consider fruitful service. To see a representation of these service opportunities you can open our 2017-18 ministry guide: Taking Root-Bearing Fruit found on the right-hand side of this page. These descriptions are organized around five primary categories: Liturgy, Learning, Sacraments, Service, and Parish Life/Community.


You can also indicate your interest in any ministry by completing our online Ministry Interest Form, also found in the links on the right. This is also are organized around five primary categories: Liturgy, Learning, Sacraments, Service, and Parish Life/Community. Within a few weeks of submitting the form you will hear from a parish ministry leader, who will provide you with information and opportunities for training (if needed).