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The parish is where the church lives, and stewards are the lifeblood of a successful parish. In the parish, we find community and support, liturgy and ritual, sacrament and healing. In the parish, we find a way to give and a way to receive. On a practical level, fall is the time when parish planning gears up for the season ahead. Now, for a Christian steward, is the time to prayerfully consider your own involvement in the life of the parish in the coming year. How much do we serve - and be served? The Christian steward knows participation in the parish is a win-win situation.
Where to begin? What calls you? Respond to your deep desire. Maybe you're the party planner who'd love to serve on a committee. Or perhaps you have a heart for helping the bereaved. Are you called to lector, or perhaps to take the Eucharist to the homebound? Maybe this is the year you need to soak in the fruits of adult education. Do you see a ministry missing and want to suggest it? Perhaps, as a long-time steward, you want to be part of revitalizing the stewardship efforts of your parish.