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Dear Friends,  All Saints is a friendly family that loves to welcome people!  Advent is coming this Sunday and the Parish Life and Liturgy Commissions invite you (with friends or family) to greet at our Church doors before the weekend masses. How wonderful would it be that each person be greeted before entering the Church?  This is only possible with you!


Our Mission is Simple: To affirmatively greet each person coming into church, to look at them, to smile, and to engage them with a welcoming phrase. 


We especially want outside greeters.   You can greet inside or outside, yet greeting people before they enter the Church and opening the door for them feels more natural and can really make someone's day!


Getting Started is Easy:

  • Prayerfully invite the Holy Spirit to guide you.
  • Whatever mass you are going to this weekend come about 15 minutes before mass and choose a door that needs a greeter and begin!
  • Avoid long conversations that keep you from greeting people as they come to the door.


Possible Phrases:

  • Welcome
  • Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening
  • Glad you are with us today
  • You are never too late for God (If someone says: "I'm sorry I'm late")



Please greet until the end of the Gloria.  Many people come late to mass and appreciate that warm welcome.  (They may have had a difficult morning and your encouraging smile may make all the difference.)


Hey, what about my seat?

If you do this before the mass you are going to, you may need to sacrifice your usual spot in church.  Making this sacrifice is part of the gift of your time and your sacrifice is appreciated.  Thank you.