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Catholic United Financial

Catholic United Financial (formerly the Catholic Aid Association) is a fraternal life insurance and financial services organization. Headquartered in St. Paul, Minnesota, it is made up of membership organized into local councils in parishes. Local councils work to serve the needs of their local membership, parish, school and religious education programs.

With the help of Catholic United matching grants, the All Saints Catholic United has raised $54,000 since 1991 for All Saints Catholic Church and its school program.

Our Mission

  • To promote fraternalism and charity among our members through local councils and a representative form of government.
  • To provide financial products, services and benefits that contribute to the financial well being of our members and their families.
  • To support the Roman Catholic Church in extending the faith, especially by commending and encouraging Catholic schools and religious education.
  • To strive to be a good employer and contributing member of the community.

    Local Representative: Doug Martinka, 1-888-799-1257
    All Saints Council President: Will Schafer
    Fraternal Secretary: Barb Schafer
    Staff Member Contact: Deacon Jim Marschall at 952-985-9983

    School Scholarships!

    Catholic United Financial offers scholarships of $300 – $500 to its members who are high school seniors or first year college students. Several students from All Saints Parish have received this scholarship in the past.

    If you would like to find out more about receiving a scholarship and other benefits of Catholic United Financial membership, visit CUF online or contact Doug Martinka. Deadline for the next round of scholarships will be due in February of 2016.
Catholic United Raffle
Sponsored by Catholic United Financial

Total goal for the annual fundraiser was $750,000 for Catholic education. They are pleased to announce that $1,019,655 was raised.

A review of the Raffle can be found at and at

Catholic United Financial Contact:

Nate Lamusga, Director of Member Engagement   651-490-0170 ext. 187
Jared Roddy 651-765-4134 | [email protected]