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Core Team

An Adult Ministry for Teens


In a world that offers immediate and 3 second connections via text or face book we are being starved for interpersonal connections.  It is a real NEED that must be met through a connection with Jesus through other real interpersonal relationships.

Changing the youth world happens one teen at a time. Teens do NOT connect to programs; they connect to people. The most effective way to influence teens is through a significant relationship with key people in their lives. It is not the words they recall 20 years later, but the person. It is not the data of our faith but the relationships of faith that often make all the difference.  Our goal is to develop leaders who will walk the journey to Christ with teens.

If you hunger to make a difference and want to be a better disciple it is time to step up! If you want more life in your life consider Core Team. 

Teens need adults who will:

  • Love God and live for Him
  • Be interested in their lives
  • relational in focus and want help move teens deeper in faith
  • Take the initiative to spend time with them
  • Pray for them
  • Be authentic (real)
  • Say encouraging words
  • Believe in them
  • Laugh
  • Go to “their world”
  • Remember their names and care for them
  • Share God’s love through personal experience
  • Be consistent to the programs
  • Be patient
  • Enjoy life and live the seven essential values (Love, Evangelization, Joy, Vocation, Affirmation, Authenticity, and Eucharistic Spirituality)
See Ministry Descriptions for various areas below.