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CCRO Fall Conference at All Saints

Join us for the CCRO Fall Conference

This event will be live-streamed and will begin with Mass.

Talks include:

          • Empowered by the Holy Spirit
          • Fearless: The Power of Praying with Others
          • Freedom in the Holy Spirit for Mission
  • Fr. Mathias Thelen is leading the conference. He is the president of Encounter Ministries that has been instrumental in leading people from all over on a deep encounter with Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit. He’s also the pastor of St. Patrick’s in Brighton, MI and a graduate from St. John Vianney Seminary in St. Paul.

  • Fr. Brian Gross from the Diocese of Bismarck, ND will also be speaking.
This event will fill up quickly, so register early.
Onsite (Limited Seating) and Online 

*Ticket price includes a box lunch on Saturday lunch.

**During the conference, there will be an offering to support the CCRO.

Hope you can join us for the day!

Questions, contact Justin Stroh | 952.469.6470 |

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Fr. Mathias Whelen
Fr. Mathias Thelen
Fr. Brian Gross
Fr. Brian Gross
Teresa Peterson

Praise & Worship led by Teresa Peterson