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SYNOD 2021

During Lent, we often take on practices to deepen our faith lives and commitment to serving others. But once Easter comes, those practices can easily go to the wayside. How can we make those practices stick, to continue on a path toward holiness?

Synod at Home: Tips and Tools for Growing in Faith 

New sessions posted weekly February 18 – March 18  

While the COVID-19 pandemic has delivered many struggles, it also yielded unexpected benefits - such as increased time for reflection and, in many cases, connection with those in our immediate families. As we see glimmers of hope for emerging from the pandemic, we may soon find ourselves caught up in the whirlwind: work functions, sports and social gatherings, with dinner table conversations becoming a rare occurrence once again. How can we continue making time to reflect and prioritize the most important aspects of our lives, even as our lives “return to normal”?     
The Synod at Home series takes helpful videos, tips and tools for growing in faith, and pairs them with family-friendly activities based on four pillars: Prayer & Sacraments, Lifelong Learning, Generosity & Service, and Traditions & Fun. Families, couples and individuals will find their faith and relationships strengthened by Synod at Home. Chris Stefanick, founder of Real Life Catholic, opens each session.  Find weekly videos and materials at, sign up for emails ( or access through the Synod app: text APP to 88202, then in the app search for Archdiocesan Synod.    


Come Holy Spirit

Make our ears to hear

Make our eyes to see

Make our mouths to speak

Make our hearts to seek

Make our hands to reach out

And touch the world with your love.



Mary, Mother of the Church,

Pray for us.