Paul, Apostle of Christ - The Movie

This Easter, a Hollywood film will hit the theaters, and it promises to be a dynamite show, chronicling the life of this would-be Saint. Entitled “Paul, Apostle of Christ,” the movie stars James Faulkner, playing the character of Paul, and Jim Caviezel, playing Paul’s companion, Luke. You may remember Caviezel’s stunning performance in the role of “Jesus” in Mel Gibson’s 2004 blockbuster “The Passion of the Christ.”

It can be hard to find heralds of the Catholic faith, let alone role models in Hollywood these days, but Caviezel fits the bill on both accounts! Earlier this January, the Student Leadership Summit 2018 (SLS18) hosted by the Fellowship of Catholic University Students (FOCUS) brought together 8,000 college students, young adults, and Church leaders in Chicago. The event was widely successful, and one of the most memorable moments for participants was a guest appearance and 15-minute rallying speech by Jim Caviezel (also found on the All Saints Facebook page.)

Speaking about this upcoming film, Caviezel silenced the rowdy crowd with a stunning opening line:  

The name ‘Saul’ means ‘great one;’ the name ‘Paul’ means ‘little one.’ By changing one tiny letter, we can become great in the eyes of God. But it requires us to be little if we wish to be great. But this is the way of the saints, this is the way of the holy, and this is the way that Saul became Saint Paul.  

This message intended for college students is equally applicable to our parish and those in our Archdiocese who call upon St. Paul as a patron. In celebrating Paul’s conversion, we give God permission to break into OUR lives in a similar manner. Yet this path to sanctity requires our humility, our littleness, and the recognition that God’s plan will ALWAYS lead to greater happiness and fulfillment than any other plan for our lives. Caviezel’s final encouragement at the SLS18 conference was a prophetic call to all of us, as we strive to be more faithful disciples of Jesus; may his words inspire us towards the greatness that God intends: Be Saints! You weren’t made to fit in; you were born to stand out!