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Deacon George speaking about Dominica - and Hurricane Maria

Dominica in 2017
How can a mosquito control activities in the world? It seems impossible that such a small insect can cause such havoc.  A mosquito can carry any one of several viruses. For most viruses, vaccines have been developed to prevent infection. However, there is no vaccine to prevent infection from the recent emergence of the virus Zika. This virus can cause a serious birth defect of the brain called microcephaly, and is linked to other problems in fetuses and infants before birth. Additionally some mature recipients of a mosquito bite have experienced neurological disorders.
That was the crowning blow and  the Good News Group cancelled our trip to Dominica for 2017.

Knowing families on the island of Dominica need housing we instituted plan B.

  • We have monies to purchase construction materials for 3 houses and we need to put those monies to use.
  • We have authorized the local workers to proceed to build 3 houses over the 2017 period. If we receive additional funds we will authorize the building of a 4th house.
  • We have also authorized the workers to use our painting and carpentry tools which are stored on the island.
  • We have trained the workers over the years. We have confidence in their skills. It is time to let them loose.

In the meantime we are monitoring the Zika issue. The Center for Control of Disease (CDC) has stated they are working with 8 pharmaceutical companies in the development of a vaccine which might be available in 2018.

Our objective is to return to Dominica in 2018. We will need monies to support our missionary work. We rely on your very generous contributions to carry on our work of providing simple suitable housing for the homeless on the island of Dominica.

On a very positive note The Archdiocese of Roseau has issued a contract for the construction of the rectory for St Andrews Church in Vielle Case, Dominica. Our parishioners have been very generous supporters of the rebuilding of the St Andrews Church and the rectory.

 Deacon George Nugent

On Thursday, January 28, 2016 the All Saints Good News team of Duane and Charlene Breid, Bob and Claudia Demo, Mike and Eunice Full and Deacon George departed on a mission trip to Dominica in the West Indies.

Ever wonder how many volunteers it takes to load a Good News Project house onto a truck? Turn up your volume and press play to learn the answer.
(Video shot in Vieille Case, Dominica) - Ryan   
Watch a SHORT clip of our Missionaries in Action (turn up the sound!)
  • We will build houses for the families of Joycelyn Leblanc and her 4 boys in the town of Paix Bouche; Novel and Eric Ferrol and their 5 children and grandchild in the town of Dos Dane; and Candia Jacob and her 5 children in the town of Anse De Mai. These houses are very simple structures 12 feet wide and 16 feet long without electricity, plumbing or water.
  • On Sunday January 31 we will attend a ground breaking ceremony for the New Presbytery at Saint Andrews Church in Viellie Case. This followed by the celebration of the 3rd Anniversary of the new St Andrews church and the confirmation of Candidates all officiated by our very special friend Most Reverend Bishop Gabriel Malzaire.
  • On February 6 we will tour the areas affected by the tropical storm Ericka.

Parishioners of All Saints Church contributed substantial funds for the rebuilding of All Saints Church after the church was demolished in 2004 by an earthquake. Also a parishioner made a significant contribution for the rebuilding of the parish rectory.

We welcome those who would like to join our mission team. We also welcome contributions to the dedicated Good News account. (The Good News Team members pay for transportation, room and board and personal expenses). Funds are used for the many needs on the island. The immediate need is for a new van for St Andrews Church. The previous van was totaled in an accident last year.

The All Saints Good News Team is ready to continue its mission to the Island of Dominica in the West Indies. We have received God’s grace and His presence and we will give those blessings and gifts we received to three very special families in Dominica.


This has been our ongoing experience. It is an exceedingly gratifying experience to pass on to others the gifts we have received from God. This process of our converting our gifts from God into gifts for other people is the meaning of Christian discipleship and service.


Is the Holy Spirit nudging you to share your gifts?

  • You might consider a two week mission trip to a country in need.
  • Or you might want to consider funding the material to build a house.


The Good News Team leaves January 28, 2016 to build three very simple homes for the homeless. Then after a gratifying two week experience we return home on February 13.


Pope Francis has often said that one sees reality best by facing the poor from where they stand. And so it is with the All Saints Good News Team's mission trip. Here is where we come face to face with the homeless as we have for over twenty years.


I nudge you to give me a call for details on how you can share your gifts or giftedness.


Deacon George Nugent |


All Saints Parish has developed an inter-parish relationship with St. Andrew’s parish in the Commonwealth of Dominica. Two key aspects of this relationship are the participation of our parishioners in an annual mission trip to Dominica with the Good News Group, and a monthly envelope to assist our brothers and sisters of St. Andrew’s.

On August 27th, 2015, the Commonwealth of Dominica, a small island of only 289 square miles in the Caribbean, was hit by Tropical Storm Erika, resulting in widespread catastrophic damage and death.


A number of people have asked about the effects of the hurricane that hit Dominica (the site of our sister parish) over the weekend. There is not a lot of news directly from the parish as of yet. We did get a brief message from Good News, the organization that co-sponsors our mission trips every year, the other day. That information includes:


  • Several places on the island were severely hit and there are probably hundreds of homes completely destroyed (no word if that includes the communities our people work in).
  • Bishop Malzare was not on the island when the storm hit, but was able to return via ferry from St. Lucia. The main airport on Dominica was completely under water and unusable the last time we heard anything.
  • Hard line communications were (and may still be) down, but cell phone service was re established on Monday.
  • So far we have not heard anything from St. Andrew’s parish. Frequent mission team members are still trying to get in touch with their contacts there.


As we get more information, we will keep you informed. Please keep them in your prayers.


Fr. Thomas Wilson