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Fair Trade

In "Economic Justice for All," the US Bishops ask us to reflect on three questions as a way to measure the human, moral, and Christian dimensions of our economic and consumer life:
  1. What does the economy do for people?
  2. What does it do to people?
  3. How do people participate in it?
Fair Trade creates an opportunity for us to respond to this call every day through the choices we make as consumers. When we make the conscious decision to purchase Fair Trade items, we are putting the values of our Catholic faith and social teaching into practice. We also contribute toward realizing the vision of economic justice in our time. 
Give hope to disadvantaged artisans and farmers in the developing world. Purchasing their high-quality, beautiful handcrafts or delicious chocolate, coffee and tea enables them to maintain steady work and a sustainable income. Help build a better world… purchase at a time. 
How can I get involved with Fair Trade at All Saints?
  • Purchasing Fair Trade items at All Saints Fair Trade Sales.
  • Seeking out Fair Trade certified items in your daily shopping.
  • Helping with Fair Trade events at All Saints.
Give hope to disadvantaged farmers and artisans in the developing world. Purchasing their delicious, high-quality chocolate, coffee and other products enables them to maintain steady work and a sustainable income. Help build a better world….one purchase at a time.
Learn more about the Fair Trade model
For more information about our parish Fair Trade project contact Deacon Jim Marschall at 952.985.9983 / [email protected]
Our next Fair Trade Sale is yet to be scheduled. Watch this page for updates.


All Saints is a member-church in Bread for the World, a Christian citizens’ movement, which lobbies our nation’s decision makers for public policies that serve the needs of hungry and poor people in the U.S. and worldwide. Each year, Bread for the World conducts an Offering of Letters campaign, inviting members to communicate with their congressional representatives about a specific issue or piece of legislation.


Hunger and extreme poverty rates have been nearly cut in half in the last 30 years
thanks to the promotion of global nutrition programs. A strong commitment from the U.S. has been a big part of this success.

Much has been accomplished, but we still have a long way to go.


The weekend of May 4/5, 2019, All Saints participated in the 2019 Bread for the World Offering of Letters – an opportunity for people of faith to communicate with our legislators in Washington about hunger and poverty related issues. This year’s message is “Better Nutrition, Better Tomorrow.” Information is available about Bread for the World, the issues at hand, and how you can contact your elected officials. You are invited to stop by the display in the Gathering Space after Mass and check it out. Information will continue to be available through the Easter Season at the Justice & Service display in the weeks to come.


Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we were unable to participate in the 2020 Offering of Letters. Our hopes are high for 2021.


You can make a difference.