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The Comfort & Joy of Giving at Christmas 2020

Service to those in need is an essential part of living as disciples of Christ. 
All Saints and its members have a long tradition of doing so,
especially in the lead-up to the seasons of Advent and Christmas.
Gifts of Love - EbeneezerGIFTS OF LOVE - EBENEZER RIDGES
Gifts of Love brings Christmas cheer to the elderly residents of Ebenezer Ridges Care Center located in Burnsville. If you wish to support Gifts of Love, you can bring new, unwrapped gifts in original packaging from the following list to All Saints and place them in the collection boxes located in the Gathering Space and at the School entrance from now through Tuesday, December 1.
Most requested "Gifts of Love" wish list items:
    • lotion for men and women
    • fiction books for women
    • winter accessories such as scarves, mittens, and hats
    • crossword, word search, Sodoku, and other puzzle books
    • adult coloring books and felt coloring pages
    • boxes of chocolates
    • Twins and Vikings memorabilia, shirts, and sweatshirts
    • socks with gripper bottoms
    • women's fashion scarves
    • nail polish
    • 2021 calendars
    • men's baseball caps
    • (No blankets, please, we have an abundance)
Sharing & Caring HandsSHARING & CARING HANDS
Sharing & Caring Hands serves the needs of the poor and homeless in Minneapolis. We can support their work during the holiday season by donating new, unwrapped toys and gifts in original packaging for children of all ages. There is a particular need for gifts appropriate to teenagers (sports equipment, purses, personal electronics, hand-held games, board games, and gift certificates to popular retailers, etc.) If you wish to support Sharing & Caring Hands, you can bring donations to All Saints and place them in the collection boxes located in the Gathering Space and at the School entrance from now through Tuesday, December 1. 
Armful of LoveARMFUL OF LOVE
COVID-19 made it necessary to change when and how Armful of Love happens in 2020. Instead of providing gifts for client families, sponsors donated gift cards to specific retailers. This change in plans necessitated an earlier schedule for delivering our donations to 360 Communities in order to provide parents with ample time to shop. The health of families, sponsors, Mission Partners, and staff are top priority for All Saints Church and 360 Communities. The changes were made to reduce person-to-person contacts and the handling of gifts and supplies. All Saints parish provided thousands of dollars in gift and grocery cards during an abbreviated project in early November. Thank you to everyone whose generosity made this possible.
As of November 9: You can still support Armful of Love with a cash donation -- it's not too late.
    • Make your donation online by clicking here.
    • Deliver your cash or check (payable to All Saints) donation to the Parish Office. (be sure to mark your donation "Armful of Love.")
Joseph's CoatJOSEPH’S COAT
Joseph’s Coat is an independent, inner-city free store in St. Paul serving persons in the community who are homeless or otherwise in need. In past years, All Saints has partnered with Joseph's Coat to provide clothing, household items and personal care products for poor and homeless persons. Due to COVID-19, many of the volunteers at Joseph's Coat are unable to serve. As such, they are not able to take large donations, so we will not be collecting for them this year. If you wish to support Joseph's Coat at this time, you can make contact via their website. Click here