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Stations of the Cross at 1 & 5:30 on Friday. Soup Supper at 6 and all things Lent - and more at  Weekend & Holy Day Mass homilies are available for you online.
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Parish History

All Saints Catholic Church (1877-1931) "The First Structure"
The Farmington Press April 20, 1876
"Lumber and stone for the new catholic Church is being hauled upon the ground. The church is to occupy a commanding site in the southern part of the town, the selection of which has done credit to the taste of the gentleman appointed for the purpose."
The Farmington Press June 22, 1876
"Foundation was laid."
The original church was built in the Village of Fairfield in 1876.
Articles of Incorporation were signed in 1877.
All Saints Catholic Church (1931-1997) "The Second Structure"

• The cornerstone was laid in 1931.
• Rite of Dedication - May 8, 1932 - 1000 in attendance.
• All Saints Parochial School, served by the Sisters of the Divine Savior, was
dedicated on May 23, 1954. On opening day, there were 40-50 students in
each room and two grades per teacher.
• All Saints Parish served this community through many of the world’s most important events: WWII, the Great Depression, the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, the 80’s, and well into the 90’s.
• The last Mass in "the Brick Church" was celebrated in November of 1997. A procession of 1500 parishioners followed the Mass as cherished treasures were carried ‘up the hill’ to our current location.
• This property was sold to the City of Lakeville in the year 2000. The church is now the home of the Lakeville Area Arts Center and the rectory has become the Lakeville Historical Center; and the school continues to be used by ISD 194 for education.
Erected on the same site as the original church.
All Saints Catholic Church (1997-2010…) "The Third Structure"

• Rite of Dedication for Education/Social Center (Phase II) – February 24, 2001
• 2007 -
Rite of Dedication for Church, November 30, 1997 Now THIS is a Church!" Archbishop Harry J. Flynn The 130 Years in Christ -The Grand Celebration & Dedication Canticle of the Creatures window installation. A floor-to-ceiling dedication to St. Francis by world-renown stained glass artist, Dieterich Spahn
 2009 - Our pastor becomes Bishop! (Lee A. Piché)
 Articles of Incorporation were received and All Saints became ‘official’ on January 29, 1877.
• In 1878 business owners and residents opted for a government separate from the township and sought incorporation as the Village of Lakeville. The short-lived name of Fairfield is carried on in the city’s Fairfield Business Campus and the Fairfield Apartments that provide housing for seniors.
• The original All Saints was destroyed by fire June 2, 1931.
We are blessed to have a few parishioners from this early church still with us