Campus Safety & Security

Dear All Saints Families,

All Saints Catholic Church & School is committed to the safety of our students, staff and parishioners. After the recent tragedy in Florida, I have received several emails from parents regarding what steps we have taken to keep the students safe at All Saints.

Over 5 years ago we established a Safety and Security Committee comprised of law enforcement personnel who advised us on establishing policies and procedures. With their guidance and input, combined with safety plans and information from other organizations, we prepared an Emergency Preparedness Plan covering our responses to multiple situations including active shooter, fire, weather etc.

We implemented the following recommendations and procedures:

  • A staffed information/security desk was added at the upper level canopy door. Access to the facility during school hours is restricted to this door. Visitors are required to sign in at the desk and receive either a badge or sticker, proof that they were granted legitimate access to the facility.
  • All Saints was one of the first Lakeville schools to complete lock down training with the Lakeville police department.
  • All Saints conducts 5 lock down (active shooter/threat in the area) drills each year.
  • A Lakeville police officer visits All Saints Catholic School to observe one of our lock down drills and provides feedback on what went well and what we need to change. Last year, the officer was impressed by both the quick response to the scenario and the level of seriousness staff and students put into the drill. He stated that he has been a part of setting up these exact same drills and “All Saints is up there with the best of them.”
  • MNSAA, our accrediting organization, provided information on the Minnesota School Safety Center and I requested training for a Facility Safe School Self-Assessment.
  • We recently added a security camera system. The security cameras primary purpose is to serve as a deterrent but there are several locations that are observed during school hours.

We periodically consult with the Lakeville police department and other safety professionals and will continue to seek opportunities for improvement in our facility and procedures.  


Carol Margarit, Principal


Theology of Emergency Response

Preparation and planning for the unlikely emergency situation develops from our affirmation in the value and sanctity of all human life (CCC 2258).

Although we cannot prepare for every situation, we also have trust in God the creator, and his infinite love and care for his people.


We therefore prepare in peaceful trust, not in fear, with a growing love for all of God’s people who may enter All Saints Community.


All Saints has as its top priority, the health and safety of our students, parishioners, guests, employees, and all who entrust their care to us when visiting our facility.

Our Building is 

  • equipped with handicapped entrances
  • has 3 wheelchairs available for in-house use
  • is equipped with an elevator
  • has 2 AED (Automated External Defibrillators)
  • has a broadcast alert system
  • real-time alarm systems 

  For Our Children

  • we provide screened and trained teachers and volunteers providing a safe learning environment
  • we maintain a physically secured school building 
  • We do several drills throughout the school year in accordance with state and local laws.

 For Your Convenience

  • hearing enhancers for Mass upon request