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Family Conversation Starters

Family Conversation Starters

First Sunday of Lent: February 18th

Have you ever experienced something good in the midst of a bad experience?

Second Sunday of Lent: February 25th:

If you had been there with Jesus on the mountain, would you have been like Peter and wanted to stay there?

Or would you have been excited to come down the mountain and do the work of sharing about Jesus?

Third Sunday of Lent: March 4th:

Are there times when we can be angry, and it be for a good reason? Have you ever imagined Jesus as angry?

What was He showing us in this Gospel?

Fourth Sunday of Lent: March 11th:

Do you sometimes like the darkness? Why? What does it mean to "come to the light"?

Fifth Sunday of Lent: March 18th:

What do seeds need to grow? How is light important to the growth process?

What "fruit" do you hope to have ready in time for Easter this year?

Palm Sunday: March 25th:

What is your favorite part of Holy Week? How can you as a family enter more deeply into this holiest of weeks?